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General Medical surgery family doctor and specialists to meet all your needs

Welcome to Clinica Praxis

A general medical surgery to meet all your needs

General Practitioners Surgery & Emergencies

Treatment for chronic ailments, pain treatment, allergy and lung disorders, all classical medical or alternative medical style, as you prefer. Great experience in cancer treatments

Own laboratory

Central laboratory connected for special diagnosis about inflammatory disease, cancer tests, immunity/infectious diseases and special lab survey about longvity medicine

Registered nurse

Nursery services, wound dressing, diabetes and drop-by-drop infusions, mesotherapy and neural therapy

Help against back pain

Novel technique by 12-dot microinfusion against pain and disc


Large physiotherapy department, specialized in keeping you mobile, rehabilitation, osteopathy and lymphatic draining


Put your health to he point. Traditional chinese traditional medicine and traditional european medicine at one centre


Medical and surgical treatments for all eye-related problems, thru hands of spanish best trained specialists

Health is the most valuable asset we have

Conserve it or achieve it is an important goal. At this, we would like to be your reliable partners.

We offer an unique combination of conventional medicine and complementary and alternative medicine, so called “integrative medical assistance”. You may choose between modern technologies for diagnosis or well established traditional medicines. In all cases, we offer you answers to your questions, complete written treatment suggestions and reports. Immediate explorations carried out in the surgery or by our partners in laboratory medicine or image giving systems. This is what makes us be your best choice for health.

Dr. med. Miguel Corty Friedrich & Team


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