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General Medical surgery family doctor and specialists to meet all your needs

Welcome to Clinica Praxis

A general medical surgery to meet all your needs

General Practitioners Surgery & Emergencies

Treatment for chronic ailments, pain treatment, allergy and lung disorders, all classical medical or alternative medical style, as you prefer. Great experience in cancer treatments

Own laboratory

Central laboratory connected for special diagnosis about inflammatory disease, cancer tests, immunity/infectious diseases and special lab survey about longvity medicine

Registered nurse

Nursery services, wound dressing, diabetes and drop-by-drop infusions, mesotherapy and neural therapy

Help against back pain

Novel technique by 12-dot microinfusion against pain and disc


Large physiotherapy department, specialized in keeping you mobile, rehabilitation, osteopathy and lymphatic draining


Put your health to he point. Traditional chinese traditional medicine and traditional european medicine at one centre


Medical and surgical treatments for all eye-related problems, thru hands of spanish best trained specialists

Online consultations

Not least because of the limited travel and contact possibilities due to Covid-19, we now also offer video consultations.

Here you can book an initial consultation directly with us via telephone / internet / video conference. All data is encrypted end-to-end in accordance with the data protection law using the Swiss security program "Wire®". All you need is a laptop or desktop with microphone and loudspeaker or headset. In exceptional cases, a smartphone can also be used.

Please understand that this booking method may seem strange at first glance, but we have had too many bad experiences with missed and unpaid appointments. Therefore we are forced to have first meetings paid in advance. Of course, you will receive an invoice from us afterwards in accordance with GOÄ, which you can submit to your health insurance company if necessary.


Individual consultation

Our practice is known throughout Europe for its excellent results in tumour diseases (cancer).

Most chronic diseases from diabetes to Parkinson's disease can also be influenced positively with the help of Heptopathy®, Banerji Protokolle™ and integrative, biological medicine.

We have published several books on these topics(2) and give seminars in German speaking Europe for further education in holistic medicine.

In our online consultations, we want to help you with all our experience and contribute to making you feel better.

Our online consultations in detail

We offer the following online consultations. They are calculated according to GOÄ, hence the prices which seem strange at first sight. You will receive an official private medical invoice.

As soon as you have registered here, our practice will contact you to arrange an appointment. We will send you an electronic admission form, which you should return to us before the consultation to avoid losing valuable time with simple questions.


Extensive consultation for general medical questions (25 minutes) - for initial interviews


  • 25 min. video conference* with Dr. Corty to discuss your situation and treatment options                   
  • Preparation of the findings report - Intake regulations
  • Sending the corresponding recipes (electronic and handwritten)
  • Sending the statement of account (according to private medical fee schedule)*

*If the time is exceeded, a surcharge of 2.50 €/min can be charged.

Costs: 79,91 €

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